Transfer Credits

Transfer Credits Policy

  1. The College accepts a maximum of 600 hours (equivalent to one academic year in TCICTCM) of transferred credits for the Diploma Programs. However, there are exceptions to this general rule under special circumstances.
  2. The approval of Transfer Credits application does not entitle the applicant to attend the courses for which the credits have been transferred.
  3. For applicants who would like to review a course for which the credits have been transferred, auditing (without having to write examinations) is available at 50% of the tuition for the course.
  4. The filled application will be sent to the Education Administration Committee for review, which will complete within 15 business days upon receipt of the application fee and all required materials.
  5. An application after the Program start will be considered as withdrawal for the concerned courses.
  6. Coursework taken at another institution while/after attending TCICTCM is not transferrable.
  7. Check the posted cases and frequently asked questions on the Transfer Credits webpage before you submit your application.
  8. The administration fee for each course is $100.00 and is at maximum $800.00 if you apply over 8 courses. This fee is non-refundable regardless of approval or rejection.
  9. The transcript, indicating your course name, total hours/credits of training completed and passing grades, can be directly mailed from your institution or submitted in person (if it is original and officially sealed) to the school at 200-1215 West Broadway, Vancouver BC V6H 1G7.
  10. To apply for Transfer Credits, a Comprehensive Evaluation Report from ICES (International Credential Evaluation Service) is required if the education you intend to use for Transfer Credits is acquired outside Canada. Visit for more information.
  11. Course outlines or contents may be required if further verification is needed, in situations where the course name or coverage is not the same as the courses for which you want to transfer. Providing such supporting documents along with your submission will speed up the reviewing process.
  12. The fee can be paid in any of the following ways: (1) PayPal or Credit Card, (2) Cash, (3) Money Order, (4) Wire Transfer, and (5) Personal Cheque. Please visit Methods of Payment for instructions.
  13. Provide your supporting documents as completely as possible when you submit the application. It is understandable to send supplemental documents shortly after the application is submitted as some applicants would realize they forget to enclose some documents. Please note new application and fees will apply if you provide additional documents after the decision is made on the case.
  14. Questions regarding the Transfer Credits result must be raised within 2 weeks after result notification.

Education Administration Committee of TCICTCM
December 2018


Frequently Asked Questions

1. I graduated from a business school and hold a degree in business. Can I transfer my course credits of business communication and ethics for these required courses: Communication Skills and The Medical Interview, Medical Ethics & Legal Issues, and TCM Business Practices?

Answer: As suggested by the titles of these courses, the communication skills, interview skills, ethics and legal issues, and business practice are in a “medical” setting. Therefore, it is unlikely that such a case would be approved because such approval would risk the applicant of not only lacking adequate training in a medical setting but also of being refused by CTCMA to accept his/her application to take a licensing exam.

On the other hand, transferring credits from the courses of communication, interview, ethics, legal issues, and business practice taught at a medical college or in medically relevant settings are much more likely to be approved.

2. Why does the processing of Transfer Credits application take a period of time and charge a fee?

Answer: To ensure the credits are transferred on a beneficial (for the applicant), fair (for the applicant’s fellow students) and legitimate (for CTCMA, the licensing body of TCM professionals in BC) basis, the processing of such applications requires very detailed examination of documents, document sources, and cross-referencing between education programs.

All applicants are advised to enclose as sufficient supporting information as possible along with submission of their application.

3. I want to transfer my credits for a course that has multiple topics, such as 108B Biochemistry, Microbiology and Immunology, but I do not have all of the topics covered in my previous studies. How likely is it that my Transfer Credits application gets approved?

Answer: The short answer is no, unfortunately. If such Transfer Credits applications were to be approved, as mentioned in a previous question, it would deprive the applicant of receiving sufficient training, make it unfair for other students, and risk the applicant being refused in a licensing exam application if his or her education history, including Transfer Credits, does not pass the review by CTCMA. The application fee for a licensing exam by CTCMA is not refundable.

In this case, one solution is to find a school, finish a course of the topic of the lacking component, and then apply for the Transfer Credit at TCICTCM. But please note Transfer Credit has to be processed before your Program starts.

4. It turned out I easily passed the course I was refused in my Transfer Credits application. Doesn’t it mean my application should have been approved?

Answer: Congratulations on your good performance. Well done! However, Transfer Credits applications are evaluated by solely looking at the education history, not according to the abilities or the person of the applicant. This situation may happen more often for students who studied biology, a subject that is not medicine but closely related to medicine. So please check carefully the contents between the course at TCICTCM and your past courses before you submit your application.

5. I am afraid the school may just want me to pay for the courses so my Transfer Credits application would not get approved. Can you explain?

Answer: Before the beginning of each school term, the College receives from several to more than a dozen Transfer Credits applications, most of which, if not all, were granted an approval. This FAQ section is just created to further increase the approval rate.

It is actually very profitable for the school if the student’s application gets approved, saving the student’s time and energy for other purposes, which would ultimately lead to better performance in school and writing the licensing exams before serving the public. On the other hand, the school hardly benefits from the tuition of only a few courses at the expense of the success and feelings of a student.

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Please read carefully the above frequently asked questions before you apply.

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