Appendix 8 can now be accepted via StudentAid BC Dashboard upload

Effective November 8, 2019, Appendix 8 – Permanent Disability Programs Application will be a fillable PDF form that can be uploaded and submitted via the StudentAid BC Dashboard. The dashboard has been updated to reflect this change on the File Uploads page.

Ink signatures are no longer required. A scanned version of the form can be uploaded to the dashboard.

We encourage the use of the dashboard to upload and submit the Appendix 8 and other available fillable PDF forms as this allows StudentAid BC to process forms more quickly.

The new fillable PDF Appendix 8 – Permanent Disability Programs Application can be found at:

Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training

Note: This email address is not monitored for incoming correspondence. If you have an urgent matter related to the above information, please contact