TCICTCM – Information about August 2021 course/clinic ONLINE registration

All Students,

Inform about August 2021 class/clinic registration.

Since the CTCMA extended date to allow didactic course offered online to December 31, 2021; TCICTCM will offer August 2021 didactic courses ONLINE. Clinic course will be offered in-person at 200-1215 West Broadway.

*School looks forward to receive further instruction from local Authorities to decide how courses will be offered after December 31, 2021.

May 24 Monday – Announce August 2021 class/clinic schedule

June 6 at 10:00am ~ June 13 – Online registration (class/clinic) at $80.00 administration fee.

June 14 to 20 – change contract ONLY for students who need to modify their contracts at $50.00 change of contract fee.

June 21 and after – late registration at $130.00 fee ($80.00+$50.00)

213.1 Pre-Clinical Training : For students first starting clinic at TCICTCM. The two-hour course is offered close to starting date of semester (usually in the first week).

Schedule will be announced by a separate mail.

Important Reminder from CTCMA:

-By CTCMA; student MUST have received and wear CTCMA badge to attend clinic course. Clinic hours achieve WITHOUT CTCMA Student Registration (Badge) is NOT recognized.

-By CTCMA; students are required to have completed Clinic Observation hours before starting Clinic Practice courses

TCICTCM Online Registration:

-After filling out the required information for the student contract; you will be asked to select didactic courses and the number of clinical courses you plan to take.

-Clinic courses are offered August to March the following year as well as April to July. If there is scheduling confliction between didactic and clinic courses; it is recommended that you consider the didactic course first since clinic course are offered almost all year round when situation allow.

-There is a non-refundable fee to EACH submission of Online Registration, please ensure your application is correct before submission.

“Submit” registration to make related fee payments by credit card ONLY.  

*Administration and late registration fees are non-refundable.

*Covid-19 Safety Plan will be developed according to the Provincial Health Authority and Worksafe BC. Mask Required in clinic at all time.

About Clinic course

*Clinic Location:

-Clinic courses are offered at 200-1215 West Broadway Vancouver

*Clinic Registration:

– Clinic seats are limited and will be taken FIRST-COME-FIRST-SERVE according to the order of registration submission. There is NO WAITLISTS or a guaranteed seat. Please register online as early as you can in order to reserve a spot.

-According to the attached Pre-requisites Co-requisites table; as long as you have completed 100, 101, 102, 103,  

*Clinic hour calculation: (take 2nd year Observation #213/224 hours for example)

Our semesters: August to November (14weeks); November to March (14weeks); April to July (14weeks)

Each clinic course: 4 hours

One clinic = taking clinic course once a week for 14 weeks = 56 hours

Four clinics = 224 hours

-It is student’s decision of when to take/complete the clinic observation and continue with the clinic practice courses.  

For Students FIRST time taking clinic courses

Apply for CTCMA Student Registration (including badge)

Part 1 

-Criminal record check; may take longer; especially for international students; therefore; please visit for information and start process now.

-To apply criminal record check they may need this access code: DSM97RKTKU

Part 2 (must submit with Criminal record check result)

-Students may download the student registration application form from CTCMA web site at

-Please contact school for “Confirmation of outstanding form” and “Official transcript”.

-$100.00 group insurance fee is included upon signing contract

-visit and contact the CTCMA ( directly if you have any question.

*CTCMA student registration may take 6 to 8 weeks to process your badge (criminal record check time not included); therefore it is recommended that students to reserve enough time for the application process to avoid being rejected when clinic courses start.

*For Students CONTINUE taking clinic courses

Clinic Practice courses (#306, #405, #506)

-Please make sure that your Student Registration is valid to attend clinic courses.

-Please REVIEW information provided above.   

TCICTCM Administration