Updates on October 2021 Pan-Canadian Examinations

Hope this email find all of you well!

CTCMA has always been closely monitoring the extraordinary circumstances during COVID-19 and making best efforts to support all students to deal with difficulties in learning outcomes brought by the pandemic.

In view of the examination requirements and the application schedule and taking into consideration that the clinical trainings in TCM schools are currently impacted by the public health directive of social distancing, the Education and Examination Committee has approved a temporary policy on the Education and Examination Requirements for the October 2021 Pan-Canadian Examinations. Details are available at CTCMA website under “Examinations” Page https://www.ctcma.bc.ca/media/2022/2021-05-05-october-2021-pan-canadian-examinations-requirements_en.pdf

Please note that the “Examinations” Page at CTCMA website is where you may find all the information on the Pan-Canadian Examinations including the updated information for each examination administration. Please also kindly share this information with your students to keep them updated.

We are working on the application handbook and the application form for October 2021 Pan Canadian Examinations in collaboration with other provinces.  CARB-TCMPA is expected to release the Candidate’s Handbook in May.  The application period for the October 2021 Pan-Canadian Examinations is expected to be early June till mid-July, 2021.