506C Clinical Practices (3)






506C Clinical Practice (3) (400 hours or 28.57 credits)


Course Description:


This course is design for 5th year students enrolled in the Dr. of TCM program.

Students will be placed in the teaching clinic in the form of 2-4 students as a group, in mixed gender (if it is possible). Patients will be scheduled under the group and each student will take turns as a main student practitioner. An assigned instructor will be available for consultation if needed. It is strongly recommended that always consulting the instructor or have your instructor present with new patients.


In this level of the general clinical practice, the emphasized areas of practice should be on the 5th year advanced studies; TCM Gerontology, TCM Psychology and other related fields should also be practiced no less then 150 hrs.



Course Objectives:


Students who successfully pass this course should be able to:


  1. Independently diagnoses patients using all TCM diagnostic methods
  2. Establish the principles for treatment
  3. Perform treatment with all learned TCM methods. 
  4. Give advice to patients for pre and /or after treatment precautions. 



Recommended Textbook(s)


No specified textbook is required, but all textbooks for other classes will be referenced.




  1. 213 Clinical observation, 306 Clinical Practice 1
  2. See student handbook for other courses as prerequisite.




  1. See separate sheet.


Course Contents


See Course Description