109A Surface Anatomy & Acupuncture Points




109 Surface Anatomy & Acupuncture Points (56 hours or 4 credits)


Course Description:


This course is designed to help students to incorporate the courses of Anatomy and Acupuncture (1). This course will focus on the landmarks on body surface and use them to locate acupuncture points. Bones,  muscles, tendons, creases of joints and some specific landmarks will be used to locate the points. Commonly used and dangerous points will be discussed, especially the potential danger of causing injuries to organs, nerves and blood vessels.



Course Objectives:


Students who successfully pass this course should be able to:


  1. Become familiar with body landmarks in relation to acupuncture points.
  2. Understand the danger of some points.
  3. Locate the points with written or / and verbal descriptions of how those points are located.  



Recommended Textbook(s)


  1. The anatomy coloring book         Addison-Wesley Educational Publishers, Inc.
  2. The Wall Map of Standard Meridians and Points Acupuncture and Tuima   

The Jiangsu Science & Technology Press

  1. Atlas of cross sectional anatomy of human 14 meridians and acupoints

      Science Press Beijing * New York

  1. The Way to Locate Acupuncture-points

      Yan Jiasan, Meng Xiankun etc. Published by Foreign Languages Press




            #104 Western Anatomy, # 103 Chinese Acupuncture 1



            See separate sheet



Course Contents


Details provided in instructor’s handouts