Course Number Course Name
99 Foundation of Chinese Language And Terminology
100 Foundation of TCM
101 TCM Diagnostics
102 Chinese Herbology (1)
103 Chinese Acupuncture (1) – Meridians
104A Western Anatomy
105 Chinese Qi Gong/Tai Ji
108B Biochemistry, Microbiology and Immunology
109A Surface Anatomy & Acupuncture Points
110 History of TCM
115 Foundation of TCM (2)
213.1 Pre-Clinical Training
203A Acupuncture (2) – Acupuncture Points
204 Chinese Herbal Formulas (1)
206 Western Physiology
208 Chinese Tuina
212 Acupuncture, Moxibustion and Clean Needle Techniques
217A Clinical Procedures: Communication Skills and The Medical Interview
217B Clinical Procedures: Medical Ethics & Legal Issues
217C Clinical Procedures: TCM Business Practices
219A Advanced TCM Diagnosis
220 Points Prescription for Syndrome Differentiation
213 Clinical Observations
209 Foundation of Western Pharmacology
300 Chinese Acupuncture (3) – Therapeutic Acupuncture (Internal Medicine, Gynecology in TCM)
309 Physical Exam & Lab Results Basics
312.2 Comprehensive TCM Diagnostics
313A Chinese Acupuncture (4) -Therapeutic Acupuncture (Pediatrics, Dermatology, External Diseases, Diseases of Five Senses, Orthopedics and Traumatic Injuries in TCM)
314 Western Pathology
316 Acupuncturist Board Exam Review
306 Clinical Practices (1)
400 Chinese Herbology (2)
411A Herbalist Board Exam view
412 TCM Internal Medicine
413 Gynecology in TCM
414A Dermatology in TCM
414C External Diseases, Orthopedics and Traumatic Injuries in TCM
415 Foundation of Modern Internal Medicine
418A Diseases of the Five Senses in TCM
417 Chinese Herbal Formulas (2)
418B TCM Pediatrics
420A Chinese Food Cure
515G TCM Classics: Introduction to Nei Jing, Shang Han Lun, Jin Gui Yao Lue, Wen Bing Xue
405 Clinical Practices (2)
501A Modern Clinical Research in TCM & Herbal Pharmacology and Toxicology
503A Advanced Internal Medicine: TCM Clinical Gerontology
504A Advanced Internal Medicine: TCM Clinical Psychology
507A TCM Rejuvenation, Rehabilitation, Preventative Medicines and Emergency
509A Combinations of Acu-points for clinical applications (Pair of Acu. points)
509B Combinations of herbs for clinical applications (Pair of Herbs)
511 DTCM Board Exam Review
515X TCM Classics
516 Western Medical Sciences
506C Clinical Practices (3)