Full or Part-time TCM practitioner– Kamloops

enter Dimensional Registered Massage and Wellness is looking for a full or part-time doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine to join the team. Providing a multi-dimensional approach to patient care is of high value at this boutique massage therapy and wellness studio. Located in the heart of busy upper Kamloops in Tudor Village, alongside two Physiotherapy clinics, one Optometrist, the Interior Health Lab, and prenatal birthing classes and midwives, boasts the perfect location for building or expanding your practice.

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Competitive rental rates of half or full day rates


Use of communal studio space to put on workshops


Comfortable, clean and fresh new atmosphere




Must be self-sufficient and eager to grow or start your business. New grads welcome! Learn more by visiting Dimensionalmassage.com or call 250-572-6634


Email resume to jil@dimensionalmassage.com